Can't delete the line on the roof doorway without deleting the whole face

EXCER 7 ver6.skp (128.2 KB)

I’m stumped. Taking an online class & I cannot figure this out. Can anyone help me

What line are you trying to delete?

You have the roof as a group separate from the rest of the model. The heavy edge on the inside of the door threshold is required for some faces to exist so deleting it would of course remove the faces. If you explode the roof group first, you should be able to erase the edge with no problem.

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Hello Dave, thank you so much for the help. Yes it was the heavy edge at the threshold. My instructor’s does not show that line but he did have the line on the stair side of the doorway. So I explode the roof delete the line and then will I be able to group it again? I have to tag it with the walls later. Suzanne

Was the screen shot you fixing that problem that quickly?

Try not to explode groups and components, unless really necessary. Edit (“open”) them and make changes, then “close” them. If you need to transfer an entity into a component, try cutting the entity amd using the “paste in Place” command inside the component.

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Yes. I expeloded the floor group and then erased the unneeded edges.

As Peter indicates, you shouldn’t explode groups unless you need to. In this model since nothing else is grouped, I didn’t see that being a problem, though.

My walls are grouped and so is my slab.

In the file you shared the walls are not grouped. The walls are loose geometry. The floor at the bottom is a group and the roof is a group inside a group as shown in the Outliner.

Actually you have two groups at the floor level and you’ve hidden the geometry in the one with the dimensions attached to it.