Cannot delete face for door component


Hi All,

I’ve used a glass door component onto my drawing and have successfully managed to delete the faces on the two outer glass doors, however the middle section the face just will not delete.

If I try to select it to delete, it selects the entire wall.

Can anyone shed any light? What am I missing??


with out the model its hard to say. Was the door an imported model from the 3DW? a link to the model would even help. I’d say the wall opening should have been created first.
You could select the door and hide it. Edit the wall then unhide the doors component.
The best way to get help is to upload your model here. 7th icon from the left in the reply interface. If the file is too large there are other ways.


I did get it from 3DW - I just selected it from the right hand view on the web browser, so I don’t even have a link I can give to you.

I don’t know how to upload the model as it’s not a file on my computer, it’s just on the web browser.

This is driving me insane!


ok give me a moment


can you tell me which one it was?


You can save it to the 3DW and give me the link to the model. Save it as private if you wish.


Without seeing your SKP file, I’m taking a stab but I’m guessing you need to trace a rectangle onto the wall where the opening in the door is and the select the face inside that rectangle and delete.

I’m sure @mics_54 will get you sorted once he gets your file.


Ok, I’ve uploaded my file here:

And the door component I’m using is here:


DaveR, I already tried to draw a rectangle in that area and delete it. The rectangle deletes, but I am still left with the ‘wall’ rectangle :frowning:


I’ve got it! Figured it out - thanks for your help anyway guys - as always it is very much appreciated.


oh good glad you managed. I moved the door out of the way and made an opening in the wall. I deleted a lot of geometry that looks like another copy of the door there that you exploded. All your walls , floors etc are all loose geometry. I think you’d find it easier next time to create groups and components to keep geometry from merging.
Any way now you know how to upload the models :slight_smile: have fun

anyway I uploaded the model to 3DW under csm±+kitchen


Thanks so much - yes that is what I did to figure it out too. I think my mistake was exploding it…

You live and learn!


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