Can't delete face?


I am really NEW to sketchup and am having a problem with deleting a face. It seems like the face is the same for 2 areas.

I am trying to delete the cavity in the outer wall of this house but it also deletes the face of the inner wall. Can someone please help! I have uploaded the drawing below.

house.skp (141.0 KB)


Try this:

Select everything.
Right click on the selection.
Choose Intersect Faces>With Selection.

You’ll see the edges separating the inner and outer cavities will become thinner indicating they are no longer profiles. You should then be able to select and delete the unwanted face.

Even though you’ve drawn the lines to divide the two faces, it is only one face.
If you remove one line and draw it back, the two faces are well formed.
Then you can remove the cavity,

Thanks Dave! Really appreciate it!

You’re welcome.

Remember that Intersect Faces thing. It will come in handy for a lot of things.

A couple of additional notes about your model. If you intend to extrude the walls, delete the faces for the floors first. If you don’t the bottom faces of the walls may not be made. Generally it is wise to wait to apply materials/textures until after you’ve made the structure 3D and ensure that all faces are correctly oriented. Get in the practice of keeping white front faces out and the blue back faces on the inside of the 3D shape. It’s OK to see those back faces on 2D faces because they generally sort themselves out when you go 3D but correct them as you go to prevent problems later. You can right click on reversed faces and choose Reverse Faces from the Context menu.