Drawing a cartoon house 2 - Do I need to intersect faces?

Hi everybody.

As someone maybe have read, I was interesting in trying to draw a house like this one:

@Box, @TheOnlyAaron and company has helped me a lot with the first steps through these threads:

How smooth or make round a shape like this?
SubD - How to get this result? deformed rounded cube

It’s still not perfect but I think it’s getting shape, now I have on one hand this:

And on the other hand:

When I place the first one over the house I get this:

I thought it were going to easy fix this problem exploding the groups/components and then intersecting the faces, but it seems it doesn’t work as I spected.

Does anyone know how I can remove certain parts from the house shape to make the door and the windows visible?

This is the file is it’s needed: try9.skp (1.6 MB)

Thanks in advance.

You can use “Intersect Face”, Then delete unnecessary faces and lines.

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@ecati, I guess you moved the window a little forward.
Cannot be done without that?
Because if I get this:

Pull that window slightly forward. Don’t explode door and windows.

Thank you so much, but then I have some more new questions :frowning:

  1. I have to explode the house shape, right?
  2. What difference does it make intersect faces with selection instead of model?
  3. is it normal to have to delete some edges like these ones?

**Edit:**if someone confirm I have to delete some extra edges, I noticed there is a faster way, I can select from left to right the whole window, then I can exclude the window from the selection and delete everything else.

I would recommend following this tutorial. It is normal to delete the lines.

Thank you :wink:

However, you may have selected and deleted some lines at the back. It seems that the last animation is so on the roof.

I thought selecting from left to right, faces and edges that are not visible should not be affected.

Unfortunately it is affected.

  1. Not necessarily. You can double click into the group and intersect the geometry with the model. This will keep your house geometry separate from the door/window geometry.

  2. Intersect with selection will only intersect with selected geometry while Model will intersect with ANY surfaces that cross the geometry.

  3. You are seeing the result of the hidden lines that make your smooth geometry. I would recommend turning on hidden geometry when you clean up so you get rid of the hidden lines that are being trimmed by the intersect command.

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Thank you so much, I will try :wink:
Edit: double click on the group/component change to edit group/component mode

I don’t see how turning on hidden geometry can help, I mean … I did it but the effort required looks the same.

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