Cannot delete a partial face of a component

I have a component that will not let me divide the face in to two pieces so I can delete one of the two pieces. If I delete one it deletes the other or the graphics on the face of the component on the left disappear if I delete one on the right side. (delete the right side of the face and the graphics on the left face disappear as well even if you explode ungroup edit the component or all the above. I am stumped I need help to figure this out

We need to see the model to see the problem.

so how do I share a model in this post?

You can use the upload icon on the top of the message window when replying, or simply drag and drop a model into the message window.
Anything under 15mb will attach directly, above that you need to use dropbox or similar and attach the link.

Test Inground Pool.skp (14.7 MB)

I need to be able to trim these components as they are placed to make them fit the model ( we draw the model using the component blocks for some reason I can eliminate everything but this wall graphic on the component. I was able to do it on two components in the model but only after much trial an error and it was not obvious what I did that allowed me to segment the face and delete one side without either deleting the other or making the graphic disappear after deleting one side of the face

the components are not solids so none of the trim tools in the solids area work with this model

It’s beyond me. This appears to have been constructed using edited images. You can explode the images and chop them up or edit them elsewhere and bring them back in, or use them as a texture. I really don’t understand the model.
In future Purge your model before attaching it, and punctuation helps when describing an issue.

I am good with everything but editing that fox block graphic and I can’t figure out how to just delete the part I don’t need without deleting the whole graphic.

Right click, explode, draw an edge down the middle, delete the part you don’t want.
But that is not how the rest has been done.
Or scale the image to fit, which appears to be what has been done in some cases but not others.

I did what you said except I am not sure about the edge. I drew a line down the face exactly where I want it to separate and then clicked on the side I wanted to delete and it selects that face however, when I delete that side of the face the other side deletes

It’s all weird.
Probably the easiest thing is to scale the images.

Or use them as a material and simply apply them to the walls of the blocks.

you cannot scale the image like this because where the Image says Fox blocks that indicates where the plastic furrowing strips are imbedded in the block if you look on the inside of the block there are only three plastic webs so that means three furrowing strips and that means there should only be 3 Fox Blocks on the outside of the block in the image. If you scale the image you are adding additional indications of furrowing strips that are not there in real life. We NEED to Trim this image and so far we are drawing a blank on how to accomplish this.

What’s wrong with using the image as a texture? Then the blocks can be resized as needed with Push/Pull.

that is exactly what I want to do however when I do it the block behind the graphic moves but the graphic does not. So How do I make the graphic a texture for the component?

I just exploded the image which converted it to a texture and automatically applied it to the face of the block. You need to draw in a vertical edge to close the end of the block and then delete the excess face with the texture on it.