Delete part of the curve face


I am just learned how to use Sketchup a month ago. Now I am trying to work on models left by someone else.

I need to figure out how to cut a piece on blinds to make it look like one end stuck.

I tried Subtract, but it won’t work as the face is not solid.blinds.skp (332.5 KB)

please help. thanks!

I’d suggest making one ‘leaf’ of the blind into a component, delete the rest of the leaves, then copy the component as many times as you need to recreate the full blind.

Then move and/or rotate some of the ‘leaves’ to show them as if the string at one end has stuck.

Something like this, perhaps?

I rotated the lowest few leaves by a few degrees each, around their green axis, by amounts varying between 1 and 6 degrees.

You should also shorten the right hand string - I just scaled it vertically to do that.

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Thanks for your reply. that is very helpful. And it does actually mimic how it is in real thing.

Succesful! :smiley: