Beginners issue with creating a 2nd floor

I’m just learning SketchUp Web, and I’m struggling creating a 2nd floor in the house I’m modeling. From tutorial’s I have watched, I’m supposed to trace the outside wall line, and that should create a single face. When I try to trace the outside wall, nothing happens. If I trace any of the inside walls, it will create a face, but not a single face going across the whole floor as I was expecting.

Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong? I have attached the skp-file, as well as a screen recording of me trying and failing…


House (1).skp (268.7 KB)

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Hi Magnusb, great work so far!

Thank you for providing the video and the model, it’s super helpful.

The problem is that you are tracing over edges that already exist in the model, so they are just merging with the edges that are already there.

To prevent this from happening, you need to contain the geometry from the first floor inside its own group, so that when you snap to the top of the wall, the new edges do not merge with the ones inside the group.

To do this, simply Triple-click the first floor walls with the Select tool > Right Click > Make Group.

Then, try drawing the second floor again as you have shown in your video. You’ll notice that a new face gets created, and you can continue from there.

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I’d add, so you don’t get confused, when you first draw the new face atop the group as @Matt instructed, you will see the top faces of the original walls through the new face. That’s because they are located at exactly the same place and SketchUp doesn’t know which to display. If you give the new face a bit of thickness using pushpull, this effect will go away.



Thank you so much @Matt and @slbaumgartner! I didn’t know about grouping and merging.