Creating a solid volume by push pull

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I realize that If I use a rectangle that is grouped for the sides and the area then the resulting solid after the push pull is also grouped.
I am trying to model a matrix of concrete volumes for columns and beams. I use another rectangular solid for the column with which I Trim the first solid, the beam. Even though the solid is made into 2 parts by the Trim operation. the original solid that was grouped, remain grouped between the 2 solids that are cut. I have to explode the solid to remove the connections between the 2 cut solids and then re-group them individually. I want the split solids by the Trim to be grouped separately and not combined. Is there a workaround?

Share your .skp file.

You posted in the SketchUp Free category. Your profile says you are using Sketchup Pro. Which one are you really using?

Thanks, Dave. Yes, it is the Pro. Let me move this post over to there and share the link.

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