Face does not appear so it can be pulled up

I am working on a proj that I am stuck on. It is a set of diamonds. I can’t get the drag up cmd to click on the face of the 2nd and 3rd diamonds to drag them up.


It looks in the image as if the diamonds on the right have only edges, not faces. Draw a line between opposite corners and see if that creates a whole face.

If it doesn’t (you only get half a face), your diamonds’ edges aren’t in the same plane and/or the edges don’t quite join (zoom in close to corners to see). Redraw them in Top view, Camera/Parallel Projection.

If it does, delete the line you just drew, then use the PushPull tool to give the diamonds thickness.

Or make a component out of the raised diamond you HAVE made, visible on the left then Move/Copy it as many times as you need. (That’s if you want them all the same size.)

If that still doesn’t work, upload the SKP file so someone can have a look.

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I drew a line from the top of each of the diamonds to the bottom of each of the diamonds. That did the trick. I was then able to drag the faces up to the right height. Thanks for the tip John.


Don’t forget to make components as you go - don’t leave ‘loose geometry’ or your drawing will quickly become unmanageable

Yes I know. I have been drawings and making schematic diagrams. Starting with the old MSDOS drawing programs. Then the 1st windows drawing prog’s in Win 3.1 all the way up to Win 7 Home 32bit. I have also used Paint.net and dabbled in prog called Pixel Art quite a bit.

As you draw Edges (lines) SketchUp automatically creates a Face when Edges meet certain conditions.
When a Face fails to form it’s because one or more of the conditions haven’t been met.

• The Edges form a closed loop.
• All the Edges are coplanar.
• No stray Edges, coplanar with the closed loop, project inside the loop.
• The Edges are not too short, say <.002" in length.

If you inadvertently delete a Face you can heal it.
Simply retrace one of the bounding Edges, endpoint-to-endpoint with the Line tool.