Can't get edges to combine into a face


I’ve drawn the shape that you can see in the attached screencap. As far as i can tell, al the edges are co-planar in the red-green axes plane, and i was scrupulous in joining each edge endpoint-to-endpoint. But Sketchup won’t give me a face.

At the same time, you can see that I got a face with no trouble at all with the simple rectangle that I drew alongside as a test.

Using SketchUp v.14.1.1283 / Mac.

Any ideas? Thanks,


Can you upload your skp?

Try drawing a large rectangle surrounding your drawing to see if the face of that rectangle will merge with your drawing.


Hi , I suspect it not coplanar, Its good when doing what your doing to draw big rectangle and draw on that . It give the inference engine something to reference to.
If you look down and draw a big rectangle round it , it will show up the lack of flatness in your example …


There are many ways to deal with this without plugins, but I often use TIGs Add Faces in this case.


That’s clever, thanks.

Here’s what it looks like with an enclosing rectangle:

skp on it way…


20141013 -prelim-shape-mod07.skp (44.7 KB)

Got to run on errand now, back ~60 mins…

Tks again.


That’s very clever. Looks like this, but I’m not sure what I’m seeing. Is there a way to tell from this where I’ve made may mistake?


So I just randomly started adding lines within your shape to fill the faces to narrow down the search to find where things weren’t working. I found these two stray lines, after deleting them and retracing other existing lines, the faces appeared.

20141013 -prelim-shape-mod07.skp (29.7 KB)


There is a tool EdgeInspectot in the FredoTools to find and correct these kinds of errors (


That’s a great technique, thanks! Add lines and pretty quickly you can narrow down where the problem is…

Great! Thanks.


I will look it up - thanks.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone’s help,I have got it right:

Thanks very much, everyone.


I want to add if you’re finding a really particularly difficult point on the shapes try enabling endpoints and extensions. Both act as visual cues. Its helping with a plan I’m working on right now.


Simple version:
Sketchup gets confused by a big model with lots of copies of components. Reduce it. E.g. to draw a house of 1000 bricks, you only need draw the wall shapes, not copy & paste the 1000 bricks. You will then find faces draw easily & Sketchup runs faster.