Follow me fillet along a straight edge to a curve?



Still pretty much a beginner with Sketchup. So, hopefully I’m missing something obvious. But, all the tutorials on follow-me are pretty simple. In the end I’d like to have the fillet the full length of the line. But, just getting it to butt up to the curve is proving challenging enough.

Here’s a screen recording of what I’m trying to do and the issue I’m having. Any suggestions?


extrude a solid to the end, then grab the point of the arc and move it back where you want it.

but it takes a lot of cleanup… the plugin is easier.


That is one of those shapes that native tools have a bit of trouble creating. It can be done but a plugin is much more efficient for this.
Fredo6’s Round corner does it in a click or two.


One option using native tools, since you have Pro is to draw an L-shaped block with the fillet and then use a “cutter” to Trim it to cylindrical. Trim is in the Solid Tools set.


So you understand what’s basically going on with the plugin or solid tools, This would be one fully manual way of addressing it.


Thanks for the suggestions.

I was struggling with the plugin. Also, I couldn’t select a vertex when I used the follow me tool on the curve. But, Box’s explanation ultimately did the trick. I was struggling with left over lines and broken faces. But, I finally got it close enough. Thanks again.


Follow Me wouldn’t be right. Use Push/Pull.


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