Help with Follow Me and uncommon endings

I am wondering about follow me if the edge isn’t continuous. I was playing around with modeling a 4cyl engine, and there were parts of the piston arm and piston head that had radiused corners that ended in a (for me) weird manner. I was able to do it by using solid tools and creating a corner that went around an entire separate circle, then used planes to intersect and trim, then added and merged the timed piece back to the model. I am thinking that there is a better way? Maybe not. I will attach some pictures.

What you are seeing at the ends of the fillets is due to the faceting of the surfaces. In SketchUp there’s no way to eliminate that because SketchUp represents curved surfaces as a series of flat faces but you can minimize it by using more segments in the curves when you draw them. The trick is to avoid the tiny face issue. Typically for something like this I would model at a larger scale or use the Dave Method.

Here’s a similar sort of detail.

And with hidden geometry exposed.

And another one with similar detail.

As for the method of creating the fillet, I have done it a variety of different ways. What you describe seems like it’s probably a decent, workable solution.

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So helpful Dave, Thank you for your input!

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