Detailed Machinery


I thought I’d share an image of a detailed model I did in SketchUp. This is a machine called The Router Boss. It’s designed for doing a wide variety of woodworking tasks with a router. In this configuration a part such as a table leg can be turned, tapered, fluted, etc. The machine can also be set up to do dovetails and other woodworking joints. The model is detailed down to the screws and other hardware as well as all the various accessories. It was used to create assembly and setup documents for the manufacturer.
Router Boss


Very nice. What rendering software do you use? Also, do you get most of your parts from the Warehouse, or do you have a set of calipers next to you when you do SketchUp, or both?


Parts from the Warehouse??? Oh dear I’m going to run and hide.


Thanks Jesse. i use Kerkythea for rendering. I find it suits my needs perfectly although I barely scratch the surface of what it can do.

I don’t use any components from the Warehouse. Although I might have been able to find some of the screws for this model there, everything else is custom parts. My experience with components from the Warehouse generally is that it takes longer to make them usable that it takes me to draw them from scratch. I hate to say that but there’s a lot of very poorly made components uploaded there.

@Box, :smiley:


I agree about the components in the warehouse, it’s nice to hear someone else with the same opinion, I’m trying to help my boys learn when to make it yourself and when to use the Warehouse. Also nice to hear that you use Kerkythea, after visualizer, which I already allow them to use, I wanted them to learn Kerkythea. I already got a wow out of them on the table you posted earlier, so now I can answer their question, thank you.


Good thing you did! Excelent modeling, verry appealing to the eye!


Thank you, sir. Much appreciated.