Wood machines

Hi, new to this forum,and sketchup. Just wondering if anyone has used this to plan out a workshop for woodworking, and if so, are there any machine templates in the warehouse?
Where should I look if there are, thanks. emphasized text

Use search term, like e.g.:
wood workshop - Models - 3D Warehouse (sketchup.com)

Also search by machine type and look under Models, not Products. Searching for Tabelsaw, for example, turned up these among others.

I would suggest you pay attention to the file sizes of the models and lean toward the simpler, smaller components for your shop layout small features on the machines won’t be all that useful in helping you lay out your shop but they will add load to your computer and can make it slow down.

Reinforcing what @DaveR wrote, pay special attention to avoiding or removing any internal parts of the machine models you get from the EW. Those details can’t possibly be needed for layout of a workshop.

I meant to add, don’t be shy about making your own components. For layout purposes they can be very simplistic. Imagine them as simple boxes. Also consider adding things like infeed and outfeed zones to the machines. They will be more useful than things like manufacturer badges and drive belts.


Can’t agree with @DaveR more! Yeah, it looks cool to have a table saw that looks like a table saw in your model, but it’s much more important that the thing representing the table saw be the actual size of YOUR table saw!

I have a laid out a couple few room a over the past few decades and can say that I still start with boxes that are the actual size of the things going into the room.


Just reinforcing what DaveR said

Thanks that’s great advice I’m only very new to all this.

Have a nice day👍

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You’re quite welcome.

One thing I think you’ll find very useful in your shop layout is the ability to work in 3D which will help you identify and avoid potential conflicts that might not be obvious in 2D.

If you haven’t done it yet, take some time to go through the tutorials at learn.sketchup.com.

Good luck.