Sketch up for woodworkers

Hello everyone

I’m wondering if I can be pointed in the direction of tutorials aimed at carpenters joiners and builders.

Many thanks


One resource is the Design. Click. Build blog at

What version of SketchUp are you using? You put ‘10’ in your profile but there has never been a version 10.

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im using the latest version, where exactly on the website are the tutorials?

You might take a look here for youtubes covering construction and carpentry.

and also here

I have the good luck to be designing my last woodworking shop and want to use SketchUp to do the layout. Am new to SketchUp and wonder if there are things available like BIM Objects in Revit for workshop equipment such as table saws, planers, etc. That would be very handy being able to drop those into a floor plan. I don’t know enough to be dangerous yet so if this is obvious, thank you.