Is SketchUp the Right Tool for Woodworkers?

Over the years, we’ve witnessed many woodworkers falling in love with and using SketchUp to design, plan and create some amazing projects. Still, for folks that haven’t learned SketchUp yet, we still get asked whether it’s the right tool for them. To answer, we created a video that answers the 5 questions we most often get asked by woodworkers when they’re trying to decide if SketchUp is worth investing the time and money in learning:

  1. Is SketchUp a good tool for the types of projects I work on?
  2. Is SketchUp necessary, or can I keep doing things the way I already do?
  3. Is it hard to learn and do I need a background in using CAD or 3D design software?
  4. How long does SketchUp take to learn?
  5. Can I get by using SketchUp Free, or is it worth upgrading to SketchUp Go or SketchUp Pro?

If you’re interested in SketchUp for Woodworking you can take a look at the video here:

Then let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks!