A Shaker-style Workbench

A quick render of a detailed model I drew for plans.

Still working on the milk paint on the drawer fronts and side panels.

Here’s a closeup of the vise.


Nice Bench . . Like the vice part a lot . .

I notice you used see-through maple for the top. It’s a very rare species, but I’d love to have some.
; )

Yeah. It is very hard to come by. I was reluctant to use it on a workbench top but then I figured what the heck. :slight_smile:

Lovely bench and nicely rendered.

Is it your preference —or typical of Shaker benches— that there are no dog holes/end vise?
Also wondering what species the frame is?


Not my preference on the dog holes. The bench was built without them. I just drew it as built. It may be that dog holes will get added later by the builder. Maybe an end vise, too. Or maybe not.I don’t know if the end vise would be traditional or not.

The bench was built with a maple top and cherry for the frame.

I would love to see what’s going on with the joinery.

There are mortise and tenon joints, dovetails, and other common joints.

Got to get me one of those!

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