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Big Workbench #4.skp (761.9 KB)

These are my gallery posts as Nab has mentioned. I left out some models from the corner bar category. The first skp is where I have revised the tailvise and of the bench where the tail vise is connected. I dreamt about it last night, knew something was definitely wrong and had to revise it this morning.


12’ by 10_ Shop #1.skp (356.2 KB)
I might be getting carried away with the framing. I don’t know much about framing, except I remember something about 16" centers and 24" bracing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I took one window away, updated the framing, added OSB sheathing and siding. Next, I want to figure out siding corners, soffitt and fascia.
12’ by 10_ Shop #2.skp (380.6 KB)

I added the base, roof texture, some ties and kings to the roof frame, facsia, soffitt, and siding corners.

12’ by 10_ Shop #3.skp (518.5 KB)
![10 by 12 Shop Framing|690x335](upload://sx7RgVTNLlEp5SlPZgBNAOQn8dh.png
12’ by 10_ Shop #4.skp (532.8 KB)
I added skp #4, because I read another thread about using the eyedropper tool to get texture to match in scale from one component to another. Thank you francisquitof.

Marquetry Sawing Donkey #1.skp (201.1 KB)
This sawing donkey was based on an article by Craig Vandall Stevens in Fine Woodworking Magazine #290 August 2021. The top support with the bird’s mouth is set at 8 degrees for using a fret saw to cut veneer. The saw is worked straight up and down with one hand and the other hand moves the veneer and the base (1/16" thick each). The bevel ensures a snug fit.
Marquetry Sawing Donkey #2.skp (258.5 KB)
Updated skp has 6 scenes with dimensions and descriptions.

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Dutch-American Tool Chest #2.skp (738.8 KB)

This model is based on an article by Megan Fitzpatrick, “Build a Dutch Tool Chest” in Fine Woodworking Magazine (Issue No. 293, Winter 2021-2022). More scenes to follow in a couple of days.

Dutch-American Tool Chest (#3).skp (848.9 KB)
Two more scenes are posted above. More scenes with dims. are included in the skp. Note that
the strap hinges are real beefy, because I may make them from hard wood.
Dutch-American Tool Chest #4.skp (860.7 KB)
Skp #4 has placement of the strap hinge screws on the inside of lid corrected. I noticed they were off when I was making the scenes but forgot to correct them until now.


Dutch-American Tool Chest #5.skp (902.5 KB)

I used the tags to hide the top, strap hinge leaves, and screws to take this screenshot of the tool rack. There is a spacer between the tool rack and the back slat to slide in dovetail and tenon
saws, so I did not add a saw till.

Dutch-American Tool Chest #6.skp (909.7 KB)
I added the scene in the screenshot.

Stool (#1).skp (252.5 KB)
Based on an article by Paul Bouchard, Fine Woodworking Magazine, Issue # 299, Nov.
Dec. 2022, "Extracting the Past, I modeled this stool. But I made modern legs with socks. The rest is based on an ancient Egyptian stool, the artist studied. How the ancients managed all the curves is hard to imagine. Maybe from green stock and dried in a pre-made form.


Work Holding for Carving (#1).skp (139.4 KB)

I tried to make the track and frame as one component at first. Too many small errors to fix with the T-track resulted. So I started over and made the tile and then the frame, even though I would route the t-track in the frame in one piece.


Work Holding for Carving (2).skp (156.4 KB)
I added two scenes that show the frame and an inside groove that is part of the outside T-track.

Plan Chest (#1).skp (232.1 KB)


Don’t let anyone tell you that it is easy to make a face. :dizzy_face:

Face (1).skp (385.2 KB)


Compass.skp (188.3 KB)


Excuse me. I should have called it a divider. :crazy_face:

Compass (2).skp (222.1 KB)
I added extra arms with caliper points.

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Magazine Case #1.skp (360.3 KB)

Magazine/ Book Case with 11 scenes. I added a 12th scene, because I forgot to make a scene of the back.

Magazine Case #2.skp (365.8 KB)

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Soon you’ll need to design the room containing all those things. And add them one by one as you model them :slight_smile:

(and yeah, the face is a thing of nightmare)

That’s right. I don’t have sleepless nights; just nightmares.

Marking Knife #1.skp (101.4 KB)

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