Tool Hanging Board Progress

Tool Hanging Wall (#7).skp (490.4 KB)

I started a new thread, because some things were corrected since the last thread with a similar topic. Part of this exercise for me is figuring out how to make holders that are both functional and not too hard to use. I’ve made flimsy ones before that needed to be more durable. I’ve added four more measuring tools since the last time I posted.

Tool Hanging Wall (#8).skp (802.3 KB)
I added a hanger for spokeshaves and modeled my Stanley No. 151. Lots of curves and angles. Had to use the DaveR method a few times. After seeing the space it takes up, I might have to put more room between the pegs on the hanger before I model my Stanley No. 80.


Tool Hanging Wall (#10).skp (939.1 KB)

I finally got around to finishing the cabinet scraper. The hardest part was connecting the ends to the center components. there were lots of arcs. I also made the spokeshave hanger longer and spaced the pegs so everything fits. At this rate I may have to look at making the file lighter, or I’ll just find out how much my hardware can handle. :crazy_face:

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