Tool Hanging Board

Tool Hanging Wall.skp (185.6 KB)

My next exercise is filling up this board with my tools. The sixteen inch square took me awhile.
There is probably a faster and better way using profiles and follow me, but I just drew it out. Lots
of angles and openings took a while to draw out and make solid. I had to scale up a copy 1000
times to make it solid.


Tool Wall #2.skp (317.4 KB)
I just hung up my draw knife.

Your square screws are a little loose. Better tighten them up.

The screws for the draw knife hangers are behind the board. Promise - no square screws. But I didn’t bother threading them.

I see them. Nice and snug. It’s these sneakers (maybe need the threads ;^):

Tool Hanging Wall (#3).skp (318.3 KB)
Yes, g ood catch. I fixed it.

Good. You don’t want those falling off (like my French cleat… poor craftsmanship :).

Your cutting tool has a little sneaker triangle. Don’t want that handle coming off.

Are you talking about where the haft meets the blade?

Yes. There’s something there.

Tool Hanging Wall (#4).skp (312.8 KB)
Thanks, I had a feeling. I’ll check it out.