Chair Modeling Process

Chair #2.skp (971.8 KB)
I’m in the process of modeling a chair. It has a sculpted seat, the seat is mortised to accept the legs. The leg tenons are tapered and wedged. There are six spindles. The crest consists of 16, 1/8" laminations. Using native trim caused me to have more components than if I could use extensions. I haven’t trimmed or wedged the spindles below the seat yet. I’m thinking about arm rests and stretchers, too. I’ll post later updates.

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Chair (3).skp (1.0 MB)

I decided to start over, because I went about making the seat, crest, legs, and spindles too complicated. For example there were too many bends in the legs and spindles that made both the mortises and tenons too hard to make solid. Plus, I would not go about making the chair that way. I decided to make a scene of shapes I used to cut using intersect faces or subtract with native tools. I saved the extras to make the scene which will probaby grow as I fashion the arm rests and stretchers.


Chair Seat (4).skp (576.6 KB)

What the chair looks like with stretchers and arm rests is shown in the screen shots. The skp has 10 scenes that show views or dimensions. Hardest to show was the dimensions
for the chair seat mortises. Another problem was that some of the components such as for the legs have a bounding blue box for all four legs, because I used native trim when making the mortises. That way I didn’t have so many components.


Chair Seat (6).skp (1.1 MB)
After looking at the small chair and how upright it would sit, I decided to make a Papa/Mama
sized one that leans back a little more. I updated the skp, adding scenes for the big chair.

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