Curved Chair Model (single object)

Hai, I’m trying to model a Chair with cushion,its also curved slighty at backrest portion,
Can any one help me in doing this please, Im trying for a 5 days, but i dont get any idea please help me in doing this

Herewith im attaching the model of the chair, this attached model is actually done in 3ds max and imported in sketchup,
Like the same model i want to do it in sketchup

I want both the Backrest and seat part to be united, its a single object and it should not be seperated,
Please Guide me…
Chair- single part.skp (1.1 MB)

You need to spend some time with the tutorials on to learn some basic concepts. For one thing, the seat on your chair is only about 6 in. off the floor. It should be somewhere between16 and 18 in. For another, your legs are just collections of lines; the shapes should be made into components. The tutorials will explain components and how they differ from groups.
In very general terms, you need to learn to use SketchUp to create objects the way they are created in real life. For your chair, not only the shape of the legs but how they are connected to a frame for the seat and the back. You can’t build a good model until you understand the structure and proportions of the real object that your model represents.
I’ve attached a very basic model of a chair, with a unified seat and backrest I created its profile with the Line and 2-Point Arc tools, then used the Push/Pull Tool to make it the width I wanted. The legs are simple cylinders, made with the Circle and Push/Pull tools; they aren’t joined to a frame anywhere.
Untitled.skp (41.3 KB)

You will need to use a plugin like Curviloft to create the curves for the back and seat. But, as I said earlier, you should spend some time learning the basics of SketchUp before you try to use plugins.


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