Chair modeling


Hello sketchup community once again! So I really like this chair and would like to model it in sketchup. Since its curvilinear I wanted to know the best way you guys would tackle building a chair like this. I feel as though the curved back with the flat seat might be the most difficult part and I’m not sure which tools I should use for this crescent shape. Any advice is much appreciated :slight_smile:


First, take advantage of the chair’s symmetry. Model only half, then copy, flip, and join the halves. For the metal frame, you can use the native Follow Me tool; the challenge will be creating an accurate path. I’d begin by drawing a cube and laying out the segments of the frame along faces of the cube.The seat and the armrest/backrest ring will be your biggest challenge. I’d use a lofting plugin, either one from Fredo6 or one from TIG; you can get them on the Extension Warehouse or the SketchUcation plugin store. The challenge here will be creating the curves that the plugin will use to generate the shape. Model the seat and ring separately. Loft Along Path, from Fredo6, might be your best bet for the ring. Good luck.


In addition to @davidheim1’s suggestions, you might try using a free web application called Vectary. Here’s a quick example of using it to model the seat and then importing the STL file into SketchUp:


Based on jimhami42’s video, in SketchUp, with Curviloft plugin and Artisan Tools