Follow-Me Chair

Howdy Friends!

I’ve been trying to make the slope chair from west elm and I’ve been having some trouble trying to fill in the actual space of the chair.

After measuring the chair the top is curved in the other direction from the bottom (the file will make sense with what I want to do) - however when I use the follow me command it mutilates the chair.

Thus I’m in over my head at the moment

Would anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this?

chair.skp (550.9 KB)

Follow Me is not the right tool to create the shape of the slope chair seat. I’ve modeled similar chairs, and I use a lofting plugin, such as fredo6’s Curviloft. In very, very basic terms, you create curves that correspond to the top, bottom, and sides of the seat shape, select them, set a few parameters, and click Return. The plugin creates a compound-curve shape.In order to create a seat with some thickness, I usually generate a second set of curves, do two lofting routines, then add lines to connect the two curved shapes.
Like most chairs, the one you want to model is symmetrical. So you only need to create the curves for half the seat. Once you’ve generated suitable faces, you can copy and flip the shapes and join them to create the complete seat shape.
One final tip: Create a cube that’s the height and depth of the seat, but half its width. Drawing the curves you need for the seat shape will be easier if you draw them on the faces of the cube (this is a technique that Dave Richards showed me, bless his heart). Without the cube, your curves may go off in space and not produce the shape you want.
Hope this helps.

Thanks David! I will absolutely give that a try!

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