How to build a chair

I am trying to create a chair in sketch up how should I go about building it, it is a normal wood chair with curvy edges and no straight lines.

Do you have a picture of the chair that you can share? How will you use the model when you get it drawn? Is this just to populate a room or are you planning to make a construction plan so you can build it?

Curvy? Like this?

Or this?

Or this?

More specifics are needed.

According to your profile, your SketchUp version is “none”. The first step to drawing a chair in SketchUp will be to get Sketchup. Second step will be to learn how to use it.

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Welcome to the forums @justin12! There are many ways to do things in SketchUp, depending on the project, some are faster and easier than others. Before I try and help you out on this, I need some information.

How familiar are you with SketchUp and 3D modeling software in general?
What is the end goal for your project? (3D printing, proof of concept presentation, video game object, class project, etc)
Can you post a picture of what you are trying to model?
Can you post a picture of what you have so far?

I look forward to helping you out in whatever ways I can.

Wow! Welcome to SketchUp, Justin12

Something similar to this but in a 3D model I have the actual chair and this will stay as a computer design but may be scaled down and 3D printed for a project.

I have also watched many tutorials and am waiting to decide between this and Tinkercad

That drawing doesn’t give you a lot to work from but with the real chair at your disposal, you should be able to manage.

Before you start drawing it, you’ll need to learn how to use the program. Just watching tutorials won’t be enough. A chair like that is not a beginner’s project.

Ok thank you for your help.

If possible can you give me a small step by step of how to go about building this type of chair on sketchup?

Considering you haven’t got any experience at all with SketchUp, it would be far from a “small step by step”. Start with the basic tutorials available from first.

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