I need some help modelling this chair

I’m a complete beginner to sketchup but I need to model a chair for my project. I was able to model it this far after trying really hard on my own. Now i need some help

So I’d like to know how i could put a sphere where its marked in blue.

And where its marked in red, I’d like it to be a circular rod. Rod for the two legs and a rod of the same diameter of the sphere as the back support.

I hope you can picture what I’m talking about :confused:

The Sketchup Fundamentals is a great interactive tutorial to help learning the software. It can be found at The LEARNING CENTER

For the two legs, make a circle with the radius equal to the radius of the leg. Use Push/Pull to give the the correct length. Make them components. Use the Rotate tool to set the legs at the desired angle. For the crosspiece, draw a profile of half the piece, with semicircles for the spheres you want at the ends. Make the profile a component, copy it, and use the Scale Tool to enlarge it 10x or 100x. Open the large copy and use Follow Me to extrude it. Then delete the copy. This is the Dave Method. You’ll get points as a beginner for knowing this technique.


How many points do you get? :smiley:


Depends. 100 points if you enlarge the component 100x, 1000 points if you enlarge it 1000x, and so on. You can redeem the points for further instruction on the Forum.

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i understood the legs part but the other part i dont get it so much.

Wow. That’s amazing :00000000000

how do i curve the corners like that?

Imagine half of a dumbell. That is the shape to extrude with the Follow Me tool. The result is a ciylinder with a sphere at each end.

i dont understand where to draw the semi circle and what to extrude. and what do you mean by profile of of half the piece? Sorry…

Do exactly as you see in GIF:

  • make a rectangle
  • use arc tool near the first corner and for the second just duble-click (or use rotate+ctrl)
  • create a circle
  • select all vertical edges
  • use follow me tool and click on the circle.

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my arc tool doesn’t work like that…

In SketchUp 2019, choose 2 Point Arc

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oh. thank you so much. learned something new

do you know how to place a sphere at the and of a circular rod?

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i have been able to do this much

it does this

Try this way:

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it worked. what does reversing face do?

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