Rounded edges for wood knob

My first time on this forum. I would like to know how to round the end of a shaft. I’m trying to make a simple wood knob. I’ve made a circle and pulled it up and now would like to round the top edge.

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Hello, is this what you want to do ?

I simply used the “follow me” tool

That is exactly what I would like to do. My 77 year old brain is having a little problem with how you drew that first “slice” and made it stand on end???

You can also draw a half cross-section of the shape and use follow-me to create the entire thing. In this particular case the peg shape before rounding is easy to create with push/pull, but for more complicated “turned” shapes follow-me is much simpler.


Also be aware that you may have to scale the model up to avoid issues with small faces not forming. Search the forum for the “Dave Method”.

there are many different ways to draw it. You will have to help yourself drawing guiding lines

you can divide your base circle and rotate quarter of your circle 90° like this :

but if you want to draw it more freely, I advise you get help from a vertical plane like this

Wow! I’m a new sketchup user but this product is what I should have been using long ago. Thank you for your input and I will definitely give this a try

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You could use it to model up your next project, “Code Brown Team.” :smiley: :smiley:

Welcome to SketchUp!

I really appreciate the input. I think that makes it about as simple as it is going to get. Thanks again

you’re very welcome, have fun ! :slight_smile:

Seems like maybe you may have come across my “Code Blue” wood project??

Indeed. I enjoyed it very much. I like the detail.

Tray front with knob.skp (92.8 KB)
I don’t know if this works but I tried to send you what I’m working on. When I use the follow me it comes up with a variety of rounded shapes for each segment.
All of the examples posted here looked like it easy solutions but, I hate to say it, I have spent the last day trying to get them to work with no success

You’ve got a couple of issue with your model.
Firstly the top of your cylinder is somehow slightly off axis, so the follow me is skewd.
Also you Profile face is off center.
Then as was mention above by @slbaumgartner you need to use the Dave Method to upscale your model for editing, as you are working at sizes that can fail in SU.

Here is a quick example of what I mean with your model. Notice how edits in he big version are repeated in the small version, and you can delete the big one when finished.

I followed your steps and now have exactly what I wanted. Nice way to start my day. Thank you!

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Glad I could help, at the end of my day.

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I would like to do that online thing but next week looks better for me. In the meantime could you give me any help on how I could round the edges on this box, both the top and all four corners?Box complete.skp (585.2 KB)

Hi Ken, after Tuesday I’m pretty flexible. Hang on. I’ll do something unless you want to look right now.

Something like this?
Screenshot - 1_13_2018 , 9_21_12 AM

Before you do anything else, right click on the top of the box and choose Flip Along>Component’s Blue. Right click on the back long side and choose Flip Along>Component’s Red. This will mirror those components with respect to their counterparts.

The long sides are easy enough. Edit the component and draw the round over radius on the corners. Then use Push/Pull to push away the waste.
Screenshot - 1_13_2018 , 9_24_30 AM

For the top and bottom, it is probably easier to go back to a rectangle. Round the corners with the Arc or 2-Point Arc tool. Delete the face inside the rectangle. Then draw a profile section for the thickness of the top. To save a bunch of cleanup work, make the radius on the profile very slightly smaller than the radius of the corners. I used 3/8 (0.375) for the corners and 0.370 for the profile radius.

The next part is best done at a larger scale. Use the “Dave Method” as suggested for the knob.

Select the path, get the Follow Me tool and click on the profile.

Erase the unneeded edges and the faces will fill top and bottom.

Another, easier way is to use Fredo6’s Round Corner extension which is available from Sketchucation.

I’m working on it…try to get all my questions together for a one-time shot.
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