Rounded edges for wood knob

First, why do I have all those lines on my corners and all around the top? Second, How do I fill in the top?
Why did you make the radius slightly smaller on the top radius?Box complete rounding.skp (614.8 KB)

The arcs for the radii were exploded at some point in your operation. You can soften those edges by opening the component for editing, selecting the geometry and then choosing Soften/Smooth Edges from the right click Context menu.

In your latest model, erase the vertical inside corner edges. Then trace a top inside edge to skin over the hole. On the bottom just erase the edges of the hole and it’ll heal. In my example, the very top face is flat so I just erased edges top and bottom to fill the hole.

I did that to eliminate a bit of additional cleanup work that is usually required if the corner and profile radii are the same.

These little unneeded edges and faces are commonly formed when the radii are the same.
Screenshot - 1_13_2018 , 12_19_43 PM

This is like Christmas to me. I have the toy and now I found the instructions to go with it! I hope you know how much I appreciate your help. I taught computer programming and towards the end many of the business software packages (WORD, EXCEl, etc). However it seems like Sketchup is a bottomless pit cuz it’s constantly getting updated. I would love to teach the class but it’s capabilities vary significantly depending on your use.
Anyway, Thank you again and I will work on this while watching the games this afternoon. I will try to do as much as i can on my own so I can save your help for when I really need it.


I drew a square profile 3/8 out on the green axis. The 3/8 up on the blue axis. then connected them. Using the arc bulge tool I connected corner to corner and erased the outside remainder of the square. It looks like the arc is not long enough and Box complete rounding.skp (733.2 KB)
I get these little openings in each corner. I get the same thing on a couple of other rounding things I’ve been doing.

That’s because of the small size and the reason for the suggestions to use the Dave Method.

Project complete! No doubt you can find many areas that could be improved but at this point I’m a happy camper. It would have been impossible without your help. The “Dave Method” made all the difference.
I made all the rounding the same size and had to use a lot of “Soften” to get rid of extra lines. Also had a real challenge getting the rounding top back on the box lined up properly. I could not find a way to use the inference with all the rounded corners.
I suspect you will be busy celebrating your retirement next week but please let me know when you may have some time to share your knowledge. Thank you for all your help
Project complete.skp (890.8 KB)

Good job, Ken. It’s probably a small thing for your use but I’d suggest always working to make components solid. They tend to be easier to use and edit when they are. The top of the box needs a little attention. Editing it and erasing the verticals in the corners and then the edges of the rectangular opening on the bottom will fix it right up.

I think I’ll have to recover from the cake on Tuesday but it should take too long. I’ll let you know and we can connect.

Happy to help. Will you be watching the Vikings game?

Finest game I’ve ever watched

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