Compound edges... on a corner?

I’m relatively new to SketchUp so I might not be asking this correctly, but I can’t figure out how to round off my corners. I can round it off one way (along one edge) but not at the corner. I’ve read about plugins in other forums but I’m a little confused about those. It there a way to round off this corner without a plugin?

Yes, check out the Follow Me Tool.

I’ve tried that and it didn’t work for me- how would you do it?

Since you have the profile and the face you want the profile around: select the top face-follow me-select the profile.
You maybe should turn on the Instructor: Window -Instruktor
To get information on the tools

I got it!! I had to drag it (using follow me) around the bottom edge of that corner. Thanks!

Edit: Here’s what it looks like now

Don’t try to drag. Select the path or the face of the path then get the Follow me tool and click the profile.

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Learn how Follow Me works in 3 different ways.

Fredo’s RoundCorner plugin is the easiest if you want to fillet a box with all the edges having the same radius.The Follow Me tool doesn’t work correctly when the corner radius is the same as the fillet radius - it will create some modeling errors like two protruding small faces like small butterfly wings. If you want to use Sketchup native tools you will need to make the corner part separately by modelling a half sphere and cutting the shape out of that.