How to Show a Rounded Edge around Circumference

I want to draw a 1/4" radius rounded edge on the perimeter of a rectangular model and around the edge of oblong oblong shaft in the center at the surface of one face in the model. I tried to draw the radius at one corner and use the Follow Me tool to do the perimeter without success. I can get nearly to the final link up at the originating corner but it will not close the profile. I have no idea how to begin on the oblong at the center.stool top.skp (143.8 KB)

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got. Did you select the entire path before getting the Follow Me tool and clicking on the profile?

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Hi Dave!

I might be doing it wrong. I found a point at one corner that was 1/4" from the top horizontal edge and the side vertical edge then drew a 1/4" radius circle to reveal the radius to be removed. I then selected each of the four lines forming the top of the rectangle. I then selected the Follow Me tool and clicked on the area to be removed. Follow Me then drew the radius around the edges but left me with this.stool top with radiused edge.skp (155.6 KB)

Looks to me as if you missed selecting the short segment beween the end of the arc and the corner so the Follow Me operation stopped when it got round to the arc again. Either make sure to select that short edge segment or select the face instead. Then Follow Me will go all the way around.


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Sound of palm slapping forehead! :unamused:

stool top with radiused edge.skp (182.2 KB)

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Very good. You can soften/smooth the edges if you wish.

stool top with radiused edge (1).skp (119.7 KB)

The RoundCorner extension suggested by Eldar is very useful for this kind of stuff but it’s good that you know how to do such a simple thing with the native tools, too.