Radius an edge on a basic shape

I seem to be stuck on what I thought would be a very simple task - I would like to use the follow me tool and apply a 15 mm radius to the top face only as shown in the image.

Here’s using basic tools: offset, pushpull, arc, line, and followme. The main trick is that the profile you extrude needs to be perpendicular to the path for followme to avoid issues with corners. There are also plugins such as Fredo6’s RoundCorner that do this, but it is good to learn how using standard tools first.

Thank you - I got it!

For completeness, here are a couple more methods:


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See here for an even neater way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcekwIBPins

That old video doesn’t address the issue of drawing the profile on a curved face. The posts above do.

Fair point.

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