How to make the edges rounded?

I’m trying to make wings for my “space ship”, but I don’t know how to make the edges rounded

try the Follow Me Tool…


Follow Me will work. So will a plugin called Round Corner.

Followme is about all you have in the web version

I tried the follow me tool, but it doesn’t seems to work. I can’t find any guide that using “complexe” lines and not only a straight lines.

Upload the SKP file here so we can help you out. Follow Me will work.

Follow me tool, and then do the same for the other part.

And the white background version, made directly in SketchUp Free (web)

// This technique with Follow me tool may not work, it depends on the radius of the three arcs of the path.

@mihai.s, your black background really makes your gifs hard to watch…

it a shame as they often contain useful help…



All right, John, thank you, I’ll take this into account and I’ll use the default background for the GIFs.
For me, using the dark background is useful for the eyes, perhaps this is why many of the important software use a dark background instead of the white background.

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I don’t know that it is BAD, per say, but it makes it hard to see edges and selected geometry.

I use Fredo Corner for chamfer and round edges. Free plugin from Sketchucation.

I like that, for now at least, Web SU dosen’t have extensions and that people are learning the native tools before moving onto them…



Thanks mihai.s

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