Rounded edges on irregular curves

I need some help - I’m going to render a watch model, and as we all know, a render won’t look good unless the model is complete with chamfered or rounded edges to catch the light. I need to do this on multiple edges in my model; but how would I do this on irregularly curved edges? Such as the highlighted area in the image uploaded? Thanks in advance for any help!

There is a plug-in called Round Corner, which you can download from the PluginStore at You can also try using the Follow Me tool. If you do that, be sure that the shape you want to extrude is perpendicular to the first segment of the curve that you will use for the extrusion path. That means extending the curved edge past the edge. Also extend the path past the edge being rounded over. You will need to do some erasing to get rid of the waste after the extrusion.
Hope this helps.

Could you explain more or provide a visual on the follow me tool method? Not sure I follow…
Pun intended.

I’ll work on an explanation. Stay tuned.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, let me refer you to an older “Design. Click. Build” blog entry by Dave Richards. It shows how to use the Follow Me tool on irregular curves. I hope this will help you.
Here’s the link:
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thanks, this is helpful to me as well. I have a very complicated shape I want to round the edges of, so the rounded corners plugin is not really useful because of all the offsetting values. I think I will just individually round some of the edges with the follow me tool. It’s hard to picture how to do it on my own so Dave once again comes to our rescue. thanks David and Dave.

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