Which method for rounding part edges

Whitch method should I use for rounding the edges of my part? See arrows on the pictures.


petite branche.skp (1.0 MB)

Here is a video of the shape that I try to reproduce.

You might be able to make it work with FollowMe, or perhaps more easily with Fredo’s Round Corner plugin from Sketchucation Plugin Store. For the latter, you also need to install LibFredo.

Thank you for the answer, I Try Round corner and it does not work at all because none of the surfaces is flat.

Could you upload the model, so someone can have a look and try a few things? Not sure that I can help, but others may be able to.

It’s done, I uploaded the sketch

Sorry, didn’t see it earlier.

Tried making the Group into a component, then FollowMe on a copy scaled up 100x, to avoid SU’s small edges problem, but couldn’t get it to work usefully.

I can’t see how to do it. Sorry. You can select the curving edge and Smooth it, which gives an approximation of the appearance of rounding it, but that probably isn’t what you want.

This related post might give you something else to try:

I’ve found various solution with curviloft tool but the result is not exactly what I wanted to do.

petit bois fini2.skp (195.6 KB)
petit bois fini3.skp (216.0 KB)
petit boisfini1.skp (317.6 KB)


In fact, I did already have the necessary plug-in; Fredo6’s Curviloft:

Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

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