Need some advice on how to build a shape and round the corners



I am developing a small product for a customer (the whole item is less than 1" x 1" x 1"). I have uploaded a .skp file for one piece that is really getting the best of me. It’s a “followme” shape with end walls that are not radius’ of the circle. I also believe Im to small a part but can’t seem to figure out how build it bigger and scale it down. If you look at the .skp file, there are facets showing up on the surface that I can’t get rid of.

Obviously I am not skilled in a better workflow for this, so I was wondering if someone could recommend a quicker method.

The other question for this piece is all the edges have to be rounded. On a simple object that seems rather easy, but I’m not seeing how to do that on this complex shape.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Keith!

SketchUp has a hard time creating very small geometry. Your best bet is to select the whole model and use the Scale command to make it bigger. Click Scale, then grab one of the top corner points and drag. As you are dragging, type 10 or 100, then hit enter. Do your modeling on the new scaled up version of your model, then scale it back down (by .1 or .01) to get the final geometry.


Here is the .skp file. The first was a mistake

201510TON-DESIGN - TEST.skp (1.2 MB)


Thanks Aaron. Will work on that.


Since the thing you have is already a component, make a copy of the component and scale that up leaving the original where it sits. Make the required modifications to the large one, close it and delete it. Hit Zoom Extents to return to the original. This is easier than rescaling.


Nice thought…will try that as well


When you delete things thing they stay in the model, use Purge to remove deleted stuff.
You’ll find one way at Window/Model info/Statistics

You also need to read up on how layers work.
Always always keep Layer0 as the active layer, you have it set on another.
Always always keep raw geometry on Layer0. Only assign Groups and Components a layer.
You have edges and faces on different layers.
This way leads to madness.


Thanks Box…still trying to make sense of that part…


I can work on fixing the layers…been reading all I can…still struggle a bit to keep it straight as Im working. Any thoughts on how to radius edges?


Can you explain what you mean by “radius the edges”?


rounded over, eased. I have been a woodworker for a long time so the only picture I can paint is a 1/4" round over bit on the edge of a board. The edges will have contact with hands and need to be soft not sharp. Better?


What radius do you want on the edges?

You might try an extension like Fredo’s Round Corners which is available from Sketchucation.


in the final product its small a 1mm round over. Thus the need for the scaling issue. I looked into that plugin, but wasn’t sure if it would do compound curves like I have in the .skp file above.


I drew arcs onto the corners of one surface, then used Fredo6 Joint Push Pull to recreate the volume. Then I used Fredo6 Rounded Corners to round over all the edges.

So… yes! You CAN do that… but it will be easiest with those plugins. Both are available over at SketchUcation.


Aaron, can’t open that up…you have an upgrade to 16 and Im still on 15. Can you save as a 15 file?


Oops! Sorry about that! Here you go!201510TON-DESIGN - AD.skp (518.5 KB)


Thanks to everyone who posted. I have used a lot of forums but have never seen the kind of speed of responses and help like I saw today. Your all great!


Follow up. I got all the plugins. Sometimes it works sometimes not so good. See the attachment. Need to know why this is happening. Can’t seem to locate the problem. I tried smoothing before applying the rounded corners but it is inconsistent.Front Vertical 2.skp (652.6 KB)


What are you not liking about the result?


Hhhhmmm…I see line tessellation at all the rounded corners…do you not see that?