How do I round corners in SketchUp free version?

Im having trouble rounding corners and i use the free version but all i can find is extensions to round.
can someone help?

Rubicks Cube.stl (207.1 KB)

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Did you draw the black posts as separate components?

I am trying to round/soften a corner for a rubicks cube model but i am having trouble.
I am new to SketchUp btw.

Since you added the screen shot, I revised my previous post.

Is the corner a separate component or all part of the same geometry?

Sharing the SKP file would be helpful.

i have tried to make a sphere and merge it with the corner but it did not work… and tried to separate them but it just wouldn’t work

just added .skp file.

ok i will try that.

ok thank you!

i have just tried to copy the example but it ended up like in the first example i gaveUntitled.stl (3.1 KB)

Looks like you’re using Push/Pull instead of Follow Me.

Follow me a rounded square on a rounded square.

Edit: This does not form a perfect rounded cube, there are tiny overlaps in the corners that need cleaning up to make a solid.


You can use the native tools, as in this tutorial model.

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Is the rounded cube a solid?

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thank you for the tutorial it was helpful but this has happened

And I use the free version of SketchUp

Probably not. Using FollowMe with the same corner radius in the path as the radius of the corners in the profile results in small extraneous faces (shown as dots in Box*s video) at the corners.


That looks typical of SketchUp ‘s failure to create small faces. Try scaling up before doing the operation and then reducing back to correct size afterwards.

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i have tried again this time with exact measurements but still holes in the rounded corners

@Anssi is absolutely correct, there are little flaps in the corners, I had forgotten about them and was too sleepy to check when I did it.
But they can be cleaned up and it will form a solid.

Yes, it does… but why?
After all it is a square, at least I have tried many times with a square.

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SketchUp tries desperately to keep the FollowMe profile perpendicular to the path. When it turns a tight corner, the profile actually protrudes further than the center point of the path arc. There are a couple of other resulting oddities that can be seen if you zoom in close and turn on Hidden Geometry.