Rounded corner from 3 side

I need to make a 3D model that has curved edges as shown in the picture. Right in the start I ran into a problem, how to get such a rounded angles? I’m a beginner, so I do not know what to do. Thank you

You want to look at the Follow Me tool.

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Great!!! But how to make this if I have two different radius?

Which version of sketchup are you using? Your profile is contradictory.
There is no 2017 web version.
Are you using the free Web version or the free Desktop version?


Low poly is easier to work with. Select the faces, then scale them.

The scale tool lets you type in the length too.

Super… is this some plugin or?

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Nope. It’s SketchUp’s native scale tool. You can find it in the large toolbox or press s to activate it.

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