Round Corners

I need information to round the corners of the model seen in the picture. I request your help.
test.skp (111.6 KB)

Which corners?

All corners.

The RoundCorner plug-in gives some error.

don’t do them all at once -asess the model, you can see which ones are more of smooothing (i.e. less than 90 degree) and some of them are closer to 90 degrees, so break it down into several controllable rounding operations.

the newer version of “round corner” called “Fredo Corner” has ironed out some kinks and can produce better results.

If you separate the box into components, then you can manually model the rounded corners on them. It divides the work load substantially. I only used one side for the round corner to make it easy to draw, but you could use more if you want. The corner piece was a bit tricky for me and I couldn’t quite get it perfect, but you get the idea.

test.skp (448.3 KB)
The file has one copy with components before exploding and another copy after using round corner on the top & bottom. You can edit the 3 components to add more segments if you want.

Thank you for wasting your time.


Helping people with SketchUp is my idea of a good time. You’re welcome!

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I am so sorry. My English is not good. I wanted to say, “Thank you for spending time”.


Don’t worry about it. :+1: