Rounding a curved edge...?

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I’m making (or trying to…) a model of a humvee. I would really like to be able to round curved edges like I’ve seen other places. I’ve uploaded an image (1) of the model with the edges I want to round indicated. I’ve read another forum post (see link 2 below) that say you have to “intersect with a cutting plane” but I have no idea what that acutually means or how to do it. I’m not sure if the RoundCorner plugin will do this either. Please see references below. Any help would be SO appreciated. :smile:



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You might take a look at Fredo’s RoundCorner plugin.

It looks as if the Round Corner plugin will work. The Follow Me tool will also work but will probably require some clean-up to remove unwanted faces and edges after you use the tool. Basically, that’s because the shape to be extruded with Follow Me must be perpendicular to the first segment of the curved edge (the path) that the shape will follow; that, in turn, requires extending the path so you have somewhere to put the shape to be extruded. After executing the Follow Me operation, you’ll need to remove the parts of the extrusion that extend past the shape you want to round over–in your case, the fender and hood of the Humvee.
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Howdy, here is what round corner will do. Note that it will smooth \ soften automatically for you.

Do you know of any good tutorials for RoundCorner? The only ones I can find are either narrated poorly or not at all. Thanks again.


Round Corner is a pretty easy-to-use plugin. Click on the edges you want to round over, then choose the Round Corner tool. Click in one of the boxes to set the radius of the rounding. Click twice and you’re done. If you choose too large a radius, the plugin will tell you . And when you activate the tool, the labels and values in the toolbar that opens can be nearly impossible to read on a high-res display. For all that, however, it’s a pretty valuable plugin.

This link will provide a 5 minute starter video and also provides a downloadable PDF file with documentation

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Yea it’s SO small! I’ve tried figuring it out but no dice so far… Is it definitely compatible with the SU 2017 version?

Try it on maybe it can help.
Can I have a look into your file