Rounded edges moon shape

I’m trying to create rounded edges at moon shape. I tried to use the follow me tool but it won’t let me use it. does anyone have any idea how can I do it?

here are my moon shape and the style od rounded edges that I want to set:


To avoid having missing faces, use the Dave Method and scale up the component before using Round Corners (or Fredo Corners, or whatever plugin is shown in mihal.s’s GIF.

first of all thanks!!
unfortunately when I’m trying to use fredocorners extension but it won’t work, whatever I try I get an error that says: "offset [0.1 (or any number I put in) cm] is probably too large.

can you upload a full video of how you did it?

Would something like this work?

yes!! how did you do it???

I created two shapes with rounded edges. One for the concave side and the over for the convex side of the moon. Then I intersected the faces and erased everything that wasn’t the moon.

Dave was quicker. I too made two shapes with a FollowMe rounding, brought them together and used the Solid Tools Intersect tool.

Take a look at what @davidheim1 wrote to you and try to use “Dave method”. What size does your moon shape have? If it’s small, try to scale it by 100x or maybe 1000x.

The Follow Me tool should work if you scale up and offset the curve you want to use:


amazing! great idea! thank you!!!