How to make Rounded Vertices

Hello, this is my first post so I apologise for any poor formatting. As shown in the photo, for a project I’m doing I am making a cuboid with rounded edges. What’s in the photo is what I’m using for the sake of my project as it has a very near deadline and the corners aren’t very important as long as the viewer understands what I’m going for, but just for future reference I’d like to know if there is any way to do this. I’m new to SketchUp so I don’t want to particularly add any addons until I’m more familiar with the software, I tried using many consecutive curves but the protractors kept on clipping to the axes. How might I do this?

It is possible to do it manually. You need to stitch more vertices together. Turn on Hidden Geometry in the View menu to see the vertices. It would be better to use Follow Me to create the radiused edges on two edges with a radius corner to go round.

There is an extension by Frfedo6 called Round Corner that makes this sort of thing very quickly and easily. When you have time, you should look it up at Sketchucation.

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Thanks, this is my updated version, if I’m honest this is good enough for me but if need be I’ll look at your other advice later. Thank you

You might try something like this,

You can then group this, copy and rotate it as needed.


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Well, that’s certainly closer than what you had. If it works, that’s cool. If you don’t want those edges to show, get the Eraser tool, hold Ctrl and click on them to soften them. Actually you can hold the mouse button and Ctrl and wipe over them to soften them.

You should reverse the blue faces while you’re work. White front faces out. blue back faces on the inside.

How would I do that? Would colouring work?

Thank you, How do you get access to that tool that filled up the sphere? I tried to look for one but couldn’t find it.

Of course, now you’ve got a nasty triangular flat on the corner. Here’s an old, old tutorial giving two methods for rounding corners manually:

Rounded Corner tutorial


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Right click on the blue faces and choose Reverse Faces. You can do that on more than one face at a time, too.

That is the Follow Me tool.
You need to select the ‘path’ then get the tool and click on the ‘profile’.