How do you round an object? See screenshot to understand what I mean

I’m trying to round the edges on the marked places in the picture. Kind of like a slide, but also inverted. The desk which I’m trying to make is the Ikea Fredde desk (it’s for a school project) so if you don’t exactly understand what I mean, you can google the desk and the rest is self explanatory.

Thanks in advance.


The best way to draw this would be to use Follow Me with a cross section profile of the tube and a center line.

It’s not clear to me whether you want both the vertical and horizontal edges rounded or just the horizontal (top) edges. For the latter, draw an arc on the end and push-pull it across. For the former, @DaveR is right that follow-me is better as it will handle the miters where the horizontals and verticals meet.

Are you planning to bend tube around this like the original or do you just need to round the corners of the panels?
If tube then DaveR’s would get you the tube.
If you just want the corners rounded, use the “arc tool” You can set up the exact size for the radius with guides, when you use the tool the arc tool it will turn a magenta colour when it is tangent to the edges. That’s when to click to confirm. Then “push/pull” to remove corner (use inference to opposite edge for depth) You might only need to figure this out on one corner, subsequent corners can be done more automatically.
With the arc tool again go into the corner of a panel and “double click” and it will draw an arc in the same way as the original, then a double click with the push/pull will remove the waste as before. Repeat for all other corners.

Thanks a lot for the help. I went with both Dave’s method and rabbits one and this is the result. Feel free to tell me what I can do to improve my “sketch”.

Good work. It’s hard to tell you what to improve without seeing the actual SKP file.

Oh, my bad. Here you go: MEGA

looks good, you can get a job at IKEA !

Only comment I’d make is to try and have the radius corners of the panels and the tube work match.
Find a common radius point, probably get it from tube and make the panels conform to it?

Also, unless it’s a choice you’ve made, I would rather see the grain of the texture run on the length.