Rounding a rectangular shape with native tools

Hello all, im fairly new to sketchup and im trying to model a cyclic stick. i have some ref images that i traced out the basic shape with but it needs to be rounded. How can i take the shape i have and make it cylindrical? I have attached some of the images i used as ref and the model itself.

If the item has a consistent profile (cross section shape) - draw a path (centre line of profile) and profile, then use the Followme tool. If the profile stays the same, but changes size, you could then use the scale tool on an end of the component.

This is not a beginner project - will require viewing instruction videos etc -

SketchUp training

SketchUp Youtube

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So just draw a line down the center position of the object and then use FollowMe? Overall the model is basically a skewed rectangle with just the backstrap hump on it. So the cross-section remains mostly the same all the way down. But what information do i need to give the follow me tool in order to create a cylindrical shape? Should i just restart the main body with a extruded circle and edit the faces to form the shape?

It’s not too clear exactly what the cross section shapes are, but make each one separately and then join them together.

Your modelling plan also depends on the use and quality needed.

Image of basic process -