How can I update a sketch that was created by FollowMe tool to follow the edited line?


I am brand new to sketch up,
First post :slight_smile:
How can I update a sketch that was created by FollowMe tool to follow the edited line?



If it’s got ends, you can copy the end face to use as a profile with the new path. If it’s a closed loop, you can create a cross section by cutting the extrusion with a rectangle and Intersect Faces. The cross section then becomes the new profile for the new Follow Me routine.

If you share your model so far, we can give much more specific advice.


Thank you Dave,
This is not a specific sketch I am just trying to learn the tools.
lets say I am trying to round those sharp corners and have the design updated with the edited sketch.
followme Test.skp (101.1 KB)


So you just want the pipe to look like its bent instead of three pieces welded together?

The easiest thing in that case is to start over from the beginning. If you knew right after the Follow Me action that you didn’t get the desired result, Undo would be your friend.

By the way, look closely at the end of the pipe at the origin. Notice that instead of a circle, the profile is an ellipse. This due to the fact that the circle you started with was not drawn perpendicular to the first edge in the path. Set the circle perpendicular to the first segment in the path and the extrusion will be round.


Yes, That is what I was exactly wanted to do.
so my only option would be to redraw if that pipe was drawn at the beginning or in the middle of the project?!
Appreciated you help


Yes. Basically That doesn’t have to be a big task, though. Make the part a component that can edited later. Edit a copy of the component to make the required changes and all other instances of the component will gt the same changes.


Great, I will try that.
Thank you again


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