How to edit a line after a "follow me" action has been made


Does anyone know how one can edit the line used to create a tube once the follow me action has been completed?


Please clarify what you mean. The path you “follow-me’d” will still be there and can be reused or edited. However, the extruded geometry has no link back to that path. If you edit the path, it will have no effect on the extrusion. Also, at the conclusion of extruding, follow-me deletes the profile you extruded. If you want to use it again, you need to make a copy before invoking follow-me.

HI, What do you want to do to the line ? if you want to hide them that can be done by holding down ctrl and running the erasure over the lines . you can also select everything and right click and soften with the slider. .


in your example, if you have made your dowel’s with a spline…

you can access the spline using ‘x-ray’ mode…

much easier if you smooth the surface first, and reverse those grey faces…

Thank you all for the quick answer. john_drivenupthewall and slbaumgartner answered my question. I was used to other 3D software in which one can always edit the spline after an extrusion has been made, both the guide and the extrusion shape. It’s not the case in SketchUp unless you make a copy and redo the extrusion. I’ll keep this in mind.

X-Ray Extrusion with the guide path edited…