Follow me tool - how to keep the path seperated from generated geometry?

I don’t want that geometry which is generated by a “follow me tool operation” merges with the extrusion path, when the path and the geometry are on the same plane.

Is there an easy way to do it? I did it by scaling the path larger so that path and extruded geometry are not on the same plane but that’s “a lot of fidelling around”. Is there a more effective way to do it?


You could group the profile first. Then select the path, get the Follow Me tool, right click on the profile group and choose Edit Group. Then click on the face of the profile.

Generally, when I don’t want the path consumed by the extrusion, I move the path away from the profile. If it was something like a molding around the perimeter of the room, I would move the path up above the profile.

Wow that’s really working!

I alwayse use double click to open components/groups, which is not working after selecting the follow me tool but surprise, surpise it’s still able to open a group/component by right click Edit Group after selcting the follow me tool.

First I thought it doesn’t work because the path becomes deselected in the process but it still works.

What would I do without you!

Follow Me is kind of funny. I always preselect the path before getting the tool. The path appears to deselect but the tool remembers.

I don’t know but you could send me some beer. :smiley:

Another way, after drawing the rail and profile in different drawing contexts, is to copy the rail and paste it in place together with the profile and then do a normal follow me.

Changing drawing context within an operation is hardly by design but just happens to work as the tool state isn’t reset when changing drawing context.

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