Using the follow me tool using a path from a different component possible?

I’ve imported a .dwg of a site plan. I want to add curbs by using the follow me tool, but I don’t want it to be in the .dwg group. Any advice on how to achieve this?

  1. Open the .dwg group for editing
  2. Select the edges which form the path you want to follow
  3. Copy the path (Edit–>Copy, <ctrl>-C on PC, <cmd>-C on Mac)
  4. Exit the group editing context
  5. If your profile is in a group or component, open it for editing
  6. Paste in Place (Edit–Paste in Place, or a custom shortcut you’ve assigned)

Congratulations. Your profile and path are now in the same context, which isn’t the .dwg group.


I should have thought of that. I appreciate the help. Thank you!

I’d also consider using “Profile Builder” too (the free version on smustard might be all you need, unless you want custom profiles) It will automatically create create a group from the chosen path and thereafter can be revisited and easily edited without going through the same procedure as the follow me tool. Check out some of the video tutorials, it can also do much more.

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The path can be outside the context of the Profile but it needs to be raw geometry. So you can use the same path with multiple profiles in their own groups.
For example


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