Follow Me - Erase Path

Very often when you want to extrude a shape along a path you first have to create the path, then use Follow Me, then you might want to erase the path. If the path was on the inside of the eventual solid, you may have to get inside it to erase. What about if there was an option at the end of the Follow Me command to erase path automatically?

BTW, I do know that the path does not have to be inside the solid but it’s often the simplest and quickest way to do it.


I like that idea, Simon. Currently when I need to get rid of a path that’s inside the extrusion, I switch to Xray or Wireframe and hit it with the Eraser. It would be nice to just click Yes or No at the end of the Follow Me operation.

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It might follow the same procedure as TIG’s Mirror extension, asking whether you want to retain the original before moving on.

Yes. Good idea. I suppose someone like @eneroth3 could quickly write a plugin/extension that does all this.

You can very easily delete a face, select the path (triple click), undo and delete. X-ray should be just as fast, if you have a shortcut for it. Just opening the Extensions menu and finding the entry for an extension would take more time than simply removing the path manually. I can’t speak for others but personally I wouldn’t waste a shortcut or screen space for a toolbar for something this similar to what SketchUp already has.

I’d reassign the shortcut from the native Follow Me to the the plugin.