Round over profile on the underside of a cylinder

Hi everyone,

Novice here.

Im trying to create a 40mm round over on the underside of a circular bedside table top. From my own research it seems that the “Follow Me” tool is the best option, however im struggling to get it to work. Can someone please help? TIA

What part are you struggling with? Is it understanding how to use Follow Me?


Share your .skp file so we can see your exact steup.

What is your plan for the model after you create the round-bottomed cylinder?

This is what im trying to model. File attached. Thanks for your help.

bedside table.skp (14.9 KB)

You could benefit yourself by spending some time at The SketchUp Campus. This is a site that will provide the basics for learning the SketchUp modeling process. Also, spend some time at the SketchUp SketchUp YouTube site. It provides much information including how to use each tool.

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So exactly the same thing I showed beofre.

Take @RLGL’s advice and go through the instructional materials at the links he provided.

FWIW, if I were going to model that piece I would work centered on the model origin. That will give you a handy reference for placing the legs and keeping everything else centered.


Thankyou. I followed whst you did and ive been able to make it work. I was clicking on the follow me tool first before clicking on the circle. I noticed you clicked in the circle with the standard pointer first, then selected follow me tool. Once i did that it worked great. thanks for your help.

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Yes. Select the path first. You can select the face as I did or the edges.