Creating an iPad-like object


I am new to SketchUp (and really love it). I am trying to create an iPad-like object where the corners of the iPad (rectangle) are rounded and the underside of the “box” is rounded (just like a real iPad).

I can create a rounded rectangle OR a rounded underside but I can’t seem to both to the same model (rounded corners AND a rounded underside).

Am I missing something obvious?

Thank you in advance!

Draw the rounded rectangle and pushpull it to thickness. Then draw the rounded edge shape against it and use followme to extrude it around the rectangle:

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In addition to what @slbaumgartner demonstrated, you might need to scale your model up before doing this and then scale it back down again. An iPad[tm] Air 2 is nominally 9.4" x 6.6" x 0.24". In order to use the follow me around the corners, the corner (path) radius needs to be equal or greater than the profile used. As an example, I created the rectangle and rounded it with 3/8" corners. This works well with the 0.24" radius needed along the bottom. If you further refine the profile to add the bevel along the top edge, you can generate a reasonable iPad[tm] shape:

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@jimhami42 is right. Followme (and SketchUp tools in general) have trouble initially creating small geometry. But if you create it at a larger size and then scale back down to the real size afterward, the geometry is ok. Sometimes it’s easier just to assume your geometry is too small and do the scale up/down operations rather than try it and find out the hard way!

You can model the whole iPad shape at once (sort of) using Follow Me. The rounded corners of the path (the footprint of the shape) create the slight problem of the extrusion overlapping itself as it turns each corner, making a bit of a mess to clean up.

To minimize the dumb labor spent cleaning each of the four corners of the thing, and since it’s bilaterally symmetrical about two axes, I’d suggest modeling a quarter of the shape and then copying and flipping the cleaned-up version to get the whole thing. (Incidentally, I’m a Nexus7er , not an iPadder, so forgive me if I didn’t exactly capture every nuance of the Apple profile.)



I don’t have an iPad, but I used a similar approach to both @slbaumgartner and @Gully_Foyle to make this:

Very Nice work,

Now lets see an animated gif of it playing a video.


You are too much!! <pad to 20 chars>